The Sendai International Music Competition is highly unique in that it designates the concerto as the center of repertoire. In both sections, the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra accompanies Contestants after the Semifinal Round.

Rigorous Adjudication

Our Jury is made up of musicians who are both internationally active and also known as educators, to provide rigorous adjudication. Since 2005, the Sendai International Music Competition has been a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions. Faithful to the code of the Federation, it enjoys a high reputation for balanced and reliable Competition management.

Volunteer Participation

Management support provided by about 300 volunteers is another characteristic of the Competition. The volunteers’ warm hospitality has enjoyed a good reputation,not only from Contestants but also from Jury Members. During the competition period, a wide variety of related projects are organized; Challenger’s Live performance in which Contestants not advancing to the next round perform at many places in the city; the Mini Concert for School Children; as well as other concerts organized by the volunteers. These are held to provide opportunities for Sendai citizens to enjoy classical music as well as to interact with young musicians.