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Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines and Application Forms

Q : The Guidelines state that eligibility is given to candidates of all nationalities who were born on or after January 1, 1995. Is there a minimum age limit?
Q : Do I need to submit a recommendation letter from my teacher?
A : No, you don’t.
Q : I don’t know how to upload the Video Data.
A : First of all, online application must be fully completed. Within 3 days after the completion of online application (or within 24 hours for applications received on or after October 21, 2024), the SIMC Secretariat will send a message to your E-mail address given by you at the time of your online application. This E-mail message from the Secretariat will provide you with an individual link for uploading your Video Data. (It takes time to receive the message providing an individual link as it is NOT an auto response message.)
Information on how to upload is also included in this E-mail message, so please read it carefully and proceed with uploading.
You can send a file up to 5GB and there is no restriction on the number of files for uploading.


Q: Piano Section: For uploading the Video Data containing my performance of the repertoire pieces for the Pre-Selection, is it acceptable to do recordings on different days at several different recording venues? 
A: Yes, it is acceptable.
(For the Violin Section, all pieces of the Applicant’s choice from the repertoire must be recorded on the same day at the same venue.)
Q : Piano Section: In regard to the Video Data to be uploaded for the Pre-Selection, the Guidelines state that the performance duration must not exceed 40 minutes in total. Is there a minimum limit for the recording duration?
A: No.
Q: Piano Section: As to ②, if I want to select to play the piece “Etudes, op.10 by Chopin”, am I supposed to count all twelve pieces of op.10 as one? Do I have to record all twelve pieces of the op.10?
A : No. Please select one piece to play from the twelve pieces (total of the op.10).
Q : May I record the pieces separately (not all the pieces in one take)?
A : Yes, you may record each piece separately. HOWEVER, there are the pieces that must be performed and recorded continuously in one take and uploaded as one file.
Violin Section: J.S.Bach Sonata I and II must be performed continuously in one take and uploaded as one file.
Piano Section: All the movements of each Piano Sonata (Repertoire ①) must be performed continuously in one take and uploaded as one file.
Q : When will Notification of the results of the Pre-Selection be made to the Applicants?
A : Notification of the results of the Pre-Selection are scheduled to be made to all the Applicants by Wednesday, February 12, 2025. The result will also be posted on the official website of the SIMC by the same day.

Preliminary Round through the Final Round

Q : Piano Section: In regards to the Preliminary Round, is it acceptable to perform the same pieces which I performed as the Repertoire of the Pre-Selection?
A : Yes, it is acceptable.
Q : Violin Section: In regards to the Final Round Repertoire ①, is it acceptable to select the same Mozart Violin Concerto which I performed as the Repertoire ③ of the Pre-Selection?
A : Yes, it is acceptable.
Q : Violin Section: In regards to the Final Round Repertoire ②, is it acceptable to select the same Violin Concerto which I selected as the Repertoire ① of the Semifinal Round?
A : No, it is NOT acceptable.
Q : If I am unable to register at the place and time designated by the Secretariat, is it possible for a proxy to register on behalf?
A : No. The Contestant himself/herself MUST register in person.
Q : Will the Secretariat provide opportunities to practice during the Competition?

A : The following practice opportunities shall be provided free of charge during the Competition.

  • 1. For the Piano Section:
    A room equipped with a piano for the hours below, starting from the day after the Registration date.
    Preliminary Round Contestants 4 hours a day
    Semifinalists 8 hours a day
    Finalists 12 hours a day
  • 2. For the Violin Section:
    One rehearsal with the orchestra prior to the Preliminary Round. Rehearsal time will be limited to 40 minutes.
  • 3. For both Sections:
    One rehearsal with an orchestra in the Semifinal and Final Rounds. Rehearsal time (including the briefing with the conductor) will be limited to as below:
    For Semifinalists of both sections 1 hour
    For Finalists of both sections 80 minutes

    Rehearsal time does not change according to the duration of the chosen pieces.


Q : I was told that an invitation letter is required at the time of visa application to enter Japan.
A : The Secretariat will send you an invitation letter upon request. It may take a while to prepare and send the invitation letter, so please contact the Secretariat as early as possible.
Q : How many applicants pass each stage?

A : The number of people who pass each judging round for each section is as follows:

Pre-Selection approximately 36
Preliminary Round 12
Semifinal Round 6